Supercars Racing

Supercars Racing

Become a speed racer and test your driving capabilities with this game
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Suprecars Racing is a fun and entertaining car racing game. As in all these types of games, the aim is to run as fast as possible to complete the required laps in the less time or beat other racers.
The program has two modes: Single race, and Championship. In the first one, you run by yourself and the aim is to complete a series of laps as fast as possible. In the second, you run against several competitors.

The game has several options. At the start, you can choose only one car model, and you can change only its color. During the race, you can pick up money to purchase enhancements such as a faster engine, new controls, and so on. You can also choose among different tracks to run. These vary from daylight desert roads to urban settings or night rural roads. Each has its own challenges.

The game is simple to play: you control your car using the arrow keys. If your car runs off the road, you can make it return to the track by using the "R" key.

All in all, it is an entertaining game, although it does not show anything different from other games of this type. If you enjoy car racing games, then you may want to give it a try.

Although the program is free to download and use, every time you exit the game, a new tab opens in your browser, showing the developer's webpage.

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  • It is free to download and use
  • Two different playing modes: Single race and Championship
  • Good graphics and sounds


  • When exiting the game, a new Internet browser tab opens, showing the developer's webpage
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